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The proactive team at Neighbourhood Properties have all completed a Rent Smart Wales course run by an external training company for professionals regarding the Renting Homes (Wales) Act 2016. The course highlighted all of the updates on the changes that have been introduced by the Welsh Government, and what landlords will need to do in order to be fully compliant when renting out their property in Wales. 

This free digital download clearly sets a checklist you can use as a guide to ensure you have taken all of the steps required to be a compliant landlord in 2024. Hopefully this will be useful to ensure you as a landlord, are not caught out and to avoid any mishaps in the future regarding your rental property(s). The Welsh Government replaced all historical legislation with one clear Act for all residential landlords to follow and therefore simplifying the letting process.

This free downloadable document covers our best interpretation of the new legislation, to make sure your rental property is compliant.


If you would like a free audit of your rental property(s) to ensure you're compliant - get in touch with our team on 01685 375511.. 

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Get Your Free 2024 Digital Compliance Checklist for Landlords in Wales.

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Here at Neighbourhood Properties, we take our responsibilities very seriously. Here's some of our industry partners and memberships... 

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